Green Business – Go Eco Friendly at Work

Green WorldWhen you are engaged in green business, you are working towards a greater cause– a healthy environment for the future. You are not only working to earn or make money but you are working to make your environment and the Earth, our only home, a better place to live. You are working towards eradicating the harmful products and practices that have become so common in today’s society. Therefore, green business has motivated employees to work for a higher cause. As they know they are working for a greater cause they feel more empowered. Here are a few tips for you to also be eco-friendly at work. Remember, every little step counts!

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Top 10 Easy Tips to Practice a Green Lifestyle

Green LifestyleTip 1- Conserve Energy

You can conserve energy by doing the following few things:

  • Never run your car idle.
  • Always turn off the computer when it is not in use, especially at night
  • Wash your clothes with cold water
  • Insulate water pipes and repair any leaks
  • Lower the thermostat on the heater
  • Switch off lights not being used
  • Make maximum use of sunlight
  • Seal your doors and windows to avoid heat loss

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Green up Your Diet

Green FoodThey say you are what you eat, and nowadays this statement is becoming more apparent in our everyday lifestyles. We are beginning to see and understand the effects of unhealthy eating and devouring processed foods.

We must take action and ‘green up’ our diet. This includes switching to natural and organic foods rather than relying on the processed and frozen dinners that are so common in our households today. Unfortunately, what we are eating is not only destroying our bodies and health, but it is also beginning to destroy our environment. The increased demand for processed foods and fast food is increasing the amount of waste we are releasing into our environment, such as high quantities of grease and unrecyclable products.

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Why Malls Install Solar Panels

Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of energy. Because of its numerous benefits, more and more people are having solar panels installed. Recognizing the full potential of this source of power, industrial entities such as malls have started a nationwide campaign of solar panel installation.

Why do Malls Install Solar Panels?
Today, more and more malls are having solar panels installed on their rooftops. After all, they come with a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Free Electricity Electricity is perhaps the biggest expense that comes with operating a mall. With solar panels, owners can save their companies from millions of dollars in utility bills every month – for the next 25 years (even more.) Because of this great potential, solar panels are now being put up on rooftops – with some even considering placing some in open parking lots.
  • Protection from Electric Rate Hikes Electricity rates increase by as much as 6% every year. If the mall’s electric bills amount to $1,000 monthly, it can inflate to as much as $3,820/month after 25 years. Because of the relentless electric hike, solar panels can help mall proprietors save money on future expenses.
  • Tax Write-Off Solar panels help malls save a lot of money. Apart from free electricity, it gives the company a huge tax write-off. Malls fitted with solar panels can get as much as 30% tax credit, apart from the other write-offs that one can enjoy from the state.
  • Make some money Apart from generating free, clean energy, malls with solar panels can make additional profits. After all, the owner can sell electricity to its tenants. Instead of letting them buy electricity from the utility company, the mall can sell the extra electricity from the panels – and make money along the way.
  • Protection from Power Outages Like a generator, a mall solar panel can keep the establishment running during power outages. In case of an unforeseen event, such as a hurricane, tornado or earthquake, the solar panel can provide that much-needed electricity for emergency lighting and water purification.
  • Reduction of Carbon Footprint Malls – like other establishments – have to do their part for Mother Earth. One way mall owners can do so is with the installation of solar panels. Not only do they produce clean, free energy, they eliminate the carbon footprint that the mall can leave with conventional power usage.
  • Excellent Publicity One of the best things about solar panel installation in malls is the positive publicity it can give. With solar panels, mall owners can enjoy great media coverage with their ‘extraordinary’ measures. This, in turn, can attract more patrons to the shopping center.

Malls in the Pursuit of Clean and Green Energy

With the many advantages of solar energy, more and more malls, such as the Los Cerritos Center, are installing solar panels. Just this April, the mall unveiled its more than 3,000 photovoltaic cells, all set to deliver as much as 860 kilowatts of power to the shopping center. This equates to as much as 30% of the establishment’s electricity requirement.

Los Cerritos Center is one of the six California malls who have recently leaped from conventional power to solar energy. Initiating the green electricity initiative are other Californian malls, such as the Panorama Mall in San Fernando Valley and the Inland Center Mall in San Bernardino. Free and clean electricity, tax write-offs and good publicity – these are just some of the many perks that come with solar panel installation. For example, job applications to Cerritos mall has jumped and electric bills have dropped since installation of the panels. With these benefits, it comes as no surprise why more and more malls are lobbying for a greener source of energy.

Growing Your Own Food And The Menace Of Pest Birds

Would you like to eat fresh food that’s good for you and the planet? Then start growing your own food today! You can start by getting into gardening in your own backyard.

Much of the food we eat has traveled hundreds or even thousands of kilometers to reach us. The carbon emissions from transportation and refrigerated storage are a significant contributor to climate change, which is not good for renewable energy and sustainable living.

Creating a food garden at home or in your local community is a simple and effective way to reduce your impact on the environment. It will also give you the experience of pleasure that comes from growing your own food – there’s nothing like looting your vegetable for dinner or biting into a juicy, sweet strawberry fresh from your own garden. You’ll also enjoy the taste of pesticide-free and truly fresh food. Growing your own food is good for you and great for the planet and sustainable living!

Consider the benefits of growing your own food:

- lowers the cost of providing your family with healthy, organic vegetables

- reduces the environmental impact of transporting and warehousing food

- makes your meals more personal, interesting

- connects your family to the natural cycles of weather, growth and renewal

- provides wholesome activity and lasting memories for your children

However, pest birds may cause significant damage to crops and reduce grower’s ability to reap his agricultural produce. When this occurs, the broader economy may suffer if the grower not only produces for himself but also for commercial distribution due to reduced production and fewer commodities for processing and sale. Bird pests consume and damage crops, reducing crop yield and quality, and the grower’s ability to enjoy his produce. Birds like nothing better than to devour fresh agricultural produce. They always seem to get to it right before it’s ripe enough to harvest. This can be so devastating because these birds eat your produce even before you get a chance to. After all your effort and input, pest birds eat up your produce and leave you with almost nothing but more work. This menace has been known to discourage a lot of people who love growing their own food.

How Do You Keep These Pest Birds Away

In order not to give up your dream of growing your own food, certain control measures have to be put in place to stop these birds from feeding off of your garden or farm. Bird scarers are effective means of keeping away birds from damaging your agricultural produce. Examples of bird scarers are:

Solar Technology Integrated With Computers Is The Future

Solar panels have come a long way in recent decades, in both efficiency and productivity for solar energy uses. Many homes across the country have been upgraded by their homeowners to make use of solar panel systems to power their lights, heating and cooling systems, home appliances, and various other gadgets in their home. While fuel cell technology is still being improved upon and hasn’t quite reached the level of advancement most home and business owners would require, the current generation of power cell storage is still adequate for most of the needs for modern families.

Solar panel systems can be a great way of replacing your electric company services for many reasons. The most obvious reason is the environmental safety that solar panels provide. Solar panels work by collecting the sun’s rays throughout the day, powering appliances with clean eco-friendly solar power instead of pulling it from power lines that come from potentially dangerous power plants. While many power plants have taken it upon themselves to improve their environmental footprint, not all facilities are as clean as they would prefer to be. This makes using solar energy for your home much more environment friendly than the current alternatives.

So why isn’t every home equipped with this amazing technology? The simple answer is, it’s not as easily affordable for many homeowners yet. While in the long run you can save thousands of dollars by using this amazing technology, it can still cost a lot upfront to get installed into your home. In the past, management of the solar panels has always been a difficult measure for the owner as well. In recent years, however, the management of solar panels has been improved by advances in computers and computer controlled systems.

While in the past, you had to use a timer mechanism to manage where the solar panels pointed to catch sun rays, computers have replaced this drawback with automated functions to move the panels where the sun hits them the most. This can be extremely beneficial to help catch all the sunlight possible during the day, to improve the power efficiency for your home during the day. With the help of computer controlled management, the solar panels are capable of moving into the best position regardless of cloud cover, and collect all the solar rays possible to charge your home’s power cells. You could even potentially control the panels from your smartphone using software apps and other tools like they discuss over at this blog.

The use of computers in conjunction with solar technology is a huge leap forward, ensuring that maximum efficiency is gained. Whereas before things were just kind of “as is” when installed, using computer technology can easily help maximize energy gained. Technology is improving at an exponential pace, and we have confidence that in 10 years the capabilities of solar power will have doubled and be much more integrated into society. Think about how helpful it could be to have a solar panel of the roof of a car to help charge the battery as the car is moving. Or solar powered roads, which is another idea that is making the rounds on social media. It’s an interesting evolution to watch.

How solar panels in your home can save you money

Many households are getting phone calls every five minutes from companies offering to install solar panels for free in their homes. The question is are they worth it? How much money could they potentially save you? Here is the down low about solar panels.

What is sustainable living?
Sustainable living is a lifestyle choice made by individuals who use the earth’s natural resources, as well as personal resources. They do this to reduce their carbon footprint, and there are several ways to do it. Many people will buy cars with smaller engines or even electric cars that use very little fuel. They may dramatically reduce their energy consumption or change their diet to a more environmentally friendly one.

There are sustainable homes that are built using certain materials and built in a way that in no way damages the environment. These are built either close to essential services such as grocery stores, schools and public transport, so homeowners can make their way around without having to drive long distances. They can also be built off-the-grid somewhere, where they do not require any public energy, water or sewage services.

Where do solar panels come in?
Solar panels are devices installed into your home to convert light into electricity. They are called solar panels because they use the most powerful source of light, most of the time, which is the sun.

It is pretty technical, the solar cells are spread across a large surface area so that they can provide a larger amount of power. The more light that hits the cell, the more energy that it produces.

These, in your home can mean big savings for you on your electricity bills. Living in Britain, many people think that they will not save any money with solar panels, because, let’s face it, we don’t get a lot of sunshine.

However solar panels create energy even on gloomy days. Even though it may not be as much, any electricity generated in an environmentally friendly way is good!

What’s the catch!?
You will get given a certain type of tariff when you get your solar panels, this is depending on when they were installed and if they are fully registered and insured. The rate of this energy tariff is guaranteed for 20 years as long as you do everything properly. Considering the rates of energy are set to dramatically rise over the next 20 years, this is a big saving. This is a great way to have some money in your pocket and potentially pay off some debts and bills!

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that a typical 4kWp system can knock off £125 from a family’s bills each year. Obviously each saving would be different depending on several factors in the home.

The government have recently slashed the payments for generating electricity to about £7,0000, from around £10,000- £12,000. This means that getting panels has become cheaper.

Some people may be entitled to FREE solar panels. Those who live in certain parts of England and have a sustainable roof are eligible. It is tough to meet the criteria but worth having a look.

Renewable Energy: Make a Solar Cooker

With Earth’s resources at a premium, renewable energy is becoming more popular and fuels that emit pollutants are losing ground. An up and coming trend in clean energy is solar power. Solar power can be used to meet many of our needs, such as home heating, electricity and powering cars. Cooking innovations that harnesses the power of the sun is a solar cooker and a solar oven.

Using a solar cooker instead of an electric or gas oven can save on monthly bills. Cooking with solar emits no toxic emissions or greenhouse gases. Health benefits of using a solar oven verses gas or electric is that less oil is used in preparing food. Another benefit of solar cookers is there is less risk of gas leaks, electrical shocks and fires in the home. A simple solar oven is easy to make with supplies you probably already have around the house.

As long as you have access to sunlight, a homemade solar cooker will work quite well. Begin by collecting these simple supplies: tin foil, plastic wrap, construction paper, two large Styrofoam cups, a rubber band, glue, and black poster paint. Paint the inside of one cup. Place cut up fruits or vegetables in the cup to cook. Cover the top of the cup with plastic wrap and hold in place with a rubber band. Glue the tin foil to the construction paper with the shiny side up. Wrap this around the cup of food with the shiny side in and glue in place. Place this cup inside the second cup. Place this solar cooker in a small hole in the ground in a sunny location. The sun will reflect off the tinfoil and cook the ingredients in the cup.

A solar oven works well to cook larger meals. Supplies needed to make a solar oven include a cardboard box, tin foil and glue. Begin by lining the inside of the box with tin foil. Place your food in the bottom of the box. Position the box so the sun is shining directly into it and onto the food. The sun will reflect off the tinfoil in the box and cook the ingredients in the bottom.

It is best to cook fruits and vegetables in solar cookers or ovens. Experimenting with fresh foods or using a delicious desert recipe is fun and a good way to get the family involved. Cobblers, fruit crisps and buttered vegetables work extremely well.

A solar oven can also work extremely well as a pizza oven. If the pizza includes meats, it is best to use pre-cooked items to be sure the meat is thoroughly cooked. You may also use a meat thermometer to ensure proper cooking temperatures are met. A pizza stone can be placed inside the oven to absorb some of the grease and can provide flatter cooking surface.

By incorporating renewable, clean energy into our lives we are helping to preserve the Earth for future generations. A small way we can contribute to this is by using the power of the sun. Recycling materials into solar cookers and solar ovens is a fun way to experiment with solar energy. As with any cooking appliances, use them safely and enjoy the culinary delights they produce.

Sustainable Living For The Protection Of OUR Environment

Sustainable living to protect our environment cannot be emphasized enough. Most people focus on what the world as a collective can do to contribute to the protection of the environment and this is where they go wrong. At the end of the day, sustainable living is a personal thing that when you and I take action, our planet will become greener and will continue providing a healthy habitat.
Now, before we point fingers, we can start by taking a few measures ourselves in our homes to ensure that we are playing a role in the protection of the earth. Here are a few things that I do in my house that go a long way in reducing waste and ultimately protecting the environment.

Reduce Water Wastage

Water can be wasted through a number of ways and this continues to be a major issue in most homes because most people do not perceive these ways as wastage. To start with, when you are washing dishes at the sink using running tap water, there is a lot of water going to waste. While this might seem like the conventional method of washing dishes, you can simply save gallons of water in a day by using two larger containers to wash the dishes. Have one container with warm soapy water for the washing and the other one half filled with clean rinsing water. At the end of the year, you will have saved thousands of gallons of water.

Prevent Phantom Energy

Phantom energy is the electricity energy that escapes even when devices plugged in are turned off at the appliance but not the wall. It works like this, when the cordis plugged into a power outlet and it’s turned on, there is some electric energy escaping and though minimal, over a long period of time it amounts to quantities that increase your energy bill. I always recommend switching off of the outlet and if possible, unplugging any unused devices.

Alternative Energy

The electricity you use might be generated from the burning of fossil fuels and the best way to protect the environment from the emissions resulting from the burning is through the use of reusable energy. If there are companies offering electricity from reusable sources, maybe it is time for you to shift. Furthermore you shouldlook to use energy saving bulbs and appliances as well as to maximize the use of natural energy, such as solar power and natural light in the house.

Bike Riding

Alternative energy is not only limited to the house. Vehicles are among the main culprits of pollution on the planet and though we cannot live without them, we can reduce our dependency to save the very same environment that we so heavily depend on. You can opt for an electric vehicle but if that is far fetched, you can follow my footsteps which are as simple as having bikes for me and family sitting in the garage. I have made it my responsibility to provide my family with bikes that we use to ride to the mall or just for fun. There are both boys and girls bikes and extra ones just incase we have visitors. And bikes are not all that expensive and their maintenance is nothing compared to cars. Personally I feel they are the best way to protect the environment without spending a fortune.

Ergonomic Design of Pressure Washers

A high pressure mechanical sprayer which is used to get rid of loose paint, dust and mud from the surfaces of buildings or vehicles is known as a pressure washer. It is a great tool which makes a number of jobs easier. A basic pressure washer consists of the following parameters:
1. A motor that drives a high pressure water pump.
2. A high pressure hose connected to the motor and the nozzle.
3. A nozzle having a trigger gun style switch.
Depending upon the use of frequency and the type of product/surface that are best suited, pressure washer are categorized into various groups. Different types of pressure washer used for different purpose are as follows:

Electric Power Washer: This power washer has a cord that plugs into a 110 volt or 240 volt electric vent. It is generally used for commercial purpose and mounted on a portable cart for trouble-free and effortless movement.

Gasoline Power Washer is the most common type of power washer. This type of washer has a gas engine to run the pressure pump and it can also produce the maximum water pressure. They are commonly mounted on a portable cart which helps in easy movement of the washer. It includes models that are mounted on a slip that slides into the bed of a pickup truck.

Hot Water Pressure Washers: Pressure washer that push hot water have an advantage for cleaning projects that have the need of more muscle or involve obstinate stains. This type of pressure washer are usually gasoline powered and are a bit more costly than the standard cold water pressure washer models. This washers are mainly used in commercial application and are very useful in tremendously cold climates. Truck and trailer mounted designs are common for hot water pressure washer.

Chemical Mixture Pressure Washers: This type of pressure washer comes in two design. The first design consists of a chemical tank that provides soap or solvent to the pressure baton, where the solution is mixed with water and delivered to the surface for cleaning. The second design consists of a solution tank that feeds the pump. In this design the soap or solvent is mixed with water and delivered to the surface through the pump under pressure.

The price of a pressure washer is influenced by the duty of the washer. Light duty pressure washer can consume a maximum of 100 bar power. It is cheap and mainly used for cleaning motorbikes, small cars, bicycles etc. A medium pressure washer can achieve a pressure of 110 bar. It is used to clean cars, pools, hot tubs, fences. It is relatively costlier than the light duty pressure washer. Heavy duty pressure washer can achieve sprays between 110 bar to 130 bar, depending upon the power of the pump. It is used for cleaning large vehicles, brick and stone work. This pressure has to be used cautiously as the water is sprayed at high speed.

Thus, pressure washers are mechanical devices that use pressurized streams as its medium to remove dirt or paint from the surface. It varies in strength from light to heavy duty and the unit of measurement is bar. One should take into consideration the power source of the washer, as it determines where the washer can be used effectively.

Energy Efficient Boost for Your Solar Hot Water Heater

Many people are making the move to solar these days and that is a great idea for our environment. One segment of the solar industry that is booming these days is solar water heaters. Many people use the opportunity of replacing a hot water heater that is no longer producing hot water by switching to a solar powered hot water tank. This efficient solution can be enhanced by adding a tankless water heater as a booster to the solar unit for cloudy days. This website reviews tankless units and would be a good starting point for anyone interested in adding a tankless heater to their solar package.

Intro to Solar Water Heaters

Solar hot water heaters are often called solar domestic hot water systems and are a great way to further integrate solar power into your lifestyle. Since water heating is the second largest energy consumer for most families transitioning to solar water heating is a great commitment to the environment.
Solar water heaters can be used in any climate. They include the solar collectors and a water storage tank. Solar heaters are either active or passive. Active systems use a circulating pump and passive systems don’t. Learn all about the way they work here.

Active Systems

Active solar systems operate two ways by direct circulation and indirect circulation. The direct circulation systems push the water through collectors and into the home; they are best utilized in temperate climates.
The indirect system uses a non-freezing, heat-transfer fluid first through the collectors and then through a heat exchanger. This heats the water that then flows into the home. These systems are best for cold climates.

Passive Systems

Passive systems are less expensive yet not as efficient; on the flip side they are more reliable and will typically last longer. These systems also come in two main types. Integral collector systems will work best for high-use families living in warmer climates. Thermo syphon systems are more expensive and have a larger storage tank yet are very reliable, sturdy units.

Storage Tanks and Collectors

No matter which system you decide on for your family you will have to include a storage tank. These tanks must be extremely well-insulated. They are similar to a traditional hot water tank and they also have an additional outlet and inlet connected to and from the collector.

Some systems operate independent of the conventional hot water tank. These are two-tank systems, where you will have the solar water heater preheating the water before it enters the conventional water heater. It is also possible to utilize a one-tank systems, where the back-up heater is combined with the solar storage in one tank.

Something you will also want to keep in mind is that solar water heating s will generally require a backup hot water heater for cloudy days and times of increased demand. You can of course use a conventional tank water heater and you may find that this is already part of the solar system package.
However, you can also consider using a backup system that is part of the solar collector, such as a rooftop tank with a thermosyphon system. The integral-collector system already stores hot water in addition to collecting solar heat; this one may be combined with a tankless water heater as its backup power source.

Keep in mind that the best idea when going solar is to make the best choices for energy efficiency. Adding a tankless demand unit as your back-up power source is an efficient choice. It is an investment that will pay for itself over and over again.

Tips For Sustainable Camping

If you like camping like I do, chances are that you want to leave nature unharmed and as beautiful as you have found it for future generations. It would be selfish and irresponsible to damage mother nature and not let the people who are going to come after you experience it.

One of the most damaging aspects of our modern lifestyle is that we use far too much energy, this creates a burden on the environment. There are a few basic principles that can help you reduce the amount of the energy you use. These principles include packing lightly, using removable energy sources and exercising the leave no trace principle.

First of all, you need to pack lightly. This is very important as it enables you to not use a car when getting to your destination. If you pack lightly you can carry the weight of your gear on your back, this is called backpacking. By carrying all your gear on your own back you burn your own calories, this is the most natural source of energy you can find. You can imagine how important it is for backpackers to have as little and as light gear as possible. If you don’t like walking, you can cycle to your destination as well. However some campsites are hard to get to, especially if your destination is located in the mountains. Always check the route on Google Maps before you attempt to go to a campsite on foot or cycling.

The key to packing lightly is proper planning. First write a list of the kinds of tasks you are going to perform, such as setting up a tent, cooking, starting a fire, and anything else that you can think of. This list will only be used to prepare a second, more detailed list. You will use the first list to think about all the things you are going to do and write a list of all the things you are going to need for them. Chances are that this list is going to contain a bunch of things that you don’t really need. You can cross these off. Also keep in mind that camping is not about replicating the conditions at home, but experiencing what mother nature has to offer. So leave your portable televisions, iPads and other digital gadgets that let you connect with the rest of the world. There is nothing wrong with experiencing a bit of solitude and finding out who you really are.

You will need a sustainable family tent. Such tents usually run with a solar panel that charges during the night, and it has a little electric access port that lets you charge your batteries, or mobile phone. You can find such tents on the family tent section of Waterproof Tent Guide.

There are other gizmos and gadgets that can help you get sustainable energy without damaging the environment. Such are solar power lanterns, which shine a light during the night, or solar power backpacks that can be used to recharge your devices once the sunlight charges up the solar batteries.

You can also do a lot of things while you are at the campsite in order to make your stay friendly for the environment. These guidelines are encompassed in the leave no trace principle. This basically says that you have to leave your campsite the way you have fund it. Leaving your trash behind, or damaging the vegetation are all forbidden.

It is very important to pay attention to mother nature, and protect it. I hope you have found the above pieces of advice helpful. If we would practice these, we could make camping a lot more sustainable.

The Best Forms of Renewable Energy for Homes and Cars in 2014

energyEveryone and their mother is going green these days, and there are even corporations that have seen the light and woken up to Earth’s depleting resources. If people don’t start using renewable energy, then it is only a matter of time before the resources are gone, and people are basically going to end up reading books by candlelight with no electricity at all (kidding! …somewhat). However, there are a lot of forms of renewable energy that people may not be aware of, but can actually be even better than what they are currently using in their homes right now.

Energy Sources That Comes From Mother Nature Herself

Wind: we’ve all seen them — giant wind farms along highways in Middle America or outside of major cities. These wind farms have row after row of giant windmills using state-of-the-art propellers. These new and improved windmills spin with the force of the wind, and the turbine rotation actually creates electricity that is fed into everything from average homes to the big companies selling stock car rims and mufflers. Because wind is so prevalent in some areas of the country, these giant wind mills are now being considered all over the United States.

Sun: Another source of renewable energy is that big fiery yellow ball in the sky — the sun. Those same manufacturing companies that make thousands of cars are opting to go another route. Instead of burning natural resources of power, car manufacturers are creating ‘green’ vehicles AND green factories, covered with solar panels to capture the rays of the sun. The ultraviolet rays are powerful, and the panels are connected to a generator, which stores the current just like a battery, and the power is strong enough to power not only one home, but a whole neighborhood. Some homeowners with solar panels end up making so much power from the sun that they sell it back to the power company and make money on the side!

The earth: Under the earth’s crusty surface there are pockets of steam and hot molten lava. There are many ways that people can tap into the core of the earth, get into that steam, and use it to keep a house with the same amount of power that would be provided by the electric company. Some companies even make special machines that can be used to harness the geothermic power that is underground, and is it to power their whole home.

The water: Earth’s waterways are so big and so powerful that just their day-to-day movement is enough to generate massive amounts of power. Two of the biggest bodies of water used for hydropower, or the power of water, are Niagara Falls and the Colorado River, which is held back by Hoover Damn in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The future renewable energy sources: Right now, there are other renewable energy sources that are being considered such as animal manure that can be converted into something called biogas. Another source of renewable energy that scientists are working on is offshore winds and the power of waves, which is similar to the power of water.

Earth Only Has So Many Resources

What people need to remember is that the earth does not have an inexhaustible supply of energy that can help people live their lives. With things like the power of the wind, sun, and the steam under the earth’s surface, there are plenty of ways that people can use power that does not cause environmental damage, and in the near future, everyone will have to choose one of those renewable energy sources if they want to have a normal comfortable life with plenty of power.

Solar Panels: Catching Power from Infinite Source

I did not become a solar panel engineer for the sake of profession only. Rather, I came to choose it because of a personal passion. I grew up in an environment where everyone in my family is conscious about conservation and sustainability.

When I learned in the news that some countries in the world are suffering from thinning power supply, causing frequent power outage or rotational brownout, I decided it is now high time for people to catch energy from an infinite source. Solar panels on homes can resolve the issue of constant power interruptions and allow consumers to reduce their electricity bills.

That’s why aside from being a solar panel engineer, I also take active part in doing sales pitch to convince consumers the tremendous benefits they can get from solar panels. And, so for my readers out there, I list down the advantages of utilizing energy from the sun.

Save on your electricity bill. When you install solar panel on your home, it’s like slashing off a big chunk of your electricity expense with a sharp knife. Although, the initial outlay may be high, it will pay off in the long run.You can save at least 50% of your bill, or even eliminate the expense altogether, depending on the size of the solar system you install.

Increase the value of your home. When you decide to resale your home, you will have, on average, a $5.50 per watt advantage, depending on your home’s location. Besides, you can be assured that your home will sell faster than those without solar panels.

Reduce your carbon footprints and protect the earth. The technology used in the production of solar panels does not emit carbon, methane or particulate, unlike what fossil fuels do. It does not require drilling or large scale mining operations, too.

Likewise, installing solar panels allows you to conserve over 16,000 gallons of water annually.

Geopolitical advantage. Many countries – including yours, perhaps – depend on oil-producing nations for supply of fossil fuels.In the event of political unrest or any problem involving the fuel source, oil prices and supply will also become unstable. Although I admit it’s not easy to break free from the bondage of dependence on oil-producing countries, we can significantly loosen it gradually by advocating environmentally friendly alternatives.

Solar power is not limited to home use only. If you install solar panels on your business establishment, you can certainly reduce your operating costs. Besides, it requires little or no maintenance at all, while providing you with electricity quietly for around 25 to 40 years. Some of the solar panels I have handled carry a 25-year warranty. That is how efficient this technology is!

Although this is not a cure-all solution that can single-handedly solve all of the world’s social, economic, environmental, and political problems, solar power is becoming competitive with conventional sources of energy. If you compare this technology with a kitchen tool, it is like a little dependable mtech knives that cut little by little until the desired result is achieved.

A Short Note on Small Solar-Powered Devices

solarWe constantly hear about how important solar energy is. That makes sense; this is the era of clean energy (or at least the push for it.) However, when we hear about solar energy, it’s always in a big way. Solar grids, solar-powered houses or buildings, etc.

What about solar-powered devices?

We rarely hear about solar-powered smart phones, computers, lifelines, heart monitors, etc. I think this is where it really counts. Think about how frustrating it is when the battery in your watch dies. You have to take it to somebody who deals in watches, have them replace it, wind it, etc. It can end up costing $50. If it was solar-powered, imagine the headache that would save you.

Additionally, I feel these days, batteries are an outdated technology. Why not update our devices with the modern era. Think of how many times our phones died at the worst possible time. Solar-powered devices would eliminate that.

So why haven’t we moved in this direction? Well there are a few reasons. First, there is just a large push back against clean energy. People have so much invested in the old type of energy that they are holding us back from advancing to newer, more efficient energy sources.

However, it looks like we are making our way there.

Some companies are hearing the plea to upgrade devices to solar-energy, however. Thirsty eco computers are an example. They run 100% off of solar-energy and natural resources. They are a bit costly, but they are stylish and will save you a bundle in the future when you have to upgrade that expensive battery.

Other companies are making tweaks to make their devices more solar-powered friendly. The Enerplex solar charger is a sleeve for your iPhone that will charge your battery completely by solar energy. We think this was an excellent advancement. It doesn’t force Apple to make an overly expensive phone that is solar powered; instead, it just makes a simple sleeve that can use natural energy to charge your phone. This is great for many different reasons. It saves on energy, it can help if you’re stuck in a place where you can’t plug in your phone, but you still need to have it charged for emergency purposes.

Another example would be Apple’s computer synced chronometers. They are lightweight, handsome little devices that certainly hold the Apple look. They can be synced with your computer to hold your schedule, emails, etc. Additionally, they are powered completely by solar energy. This is a huge advancement!

The only problem with these devices is their availability. Not many people know they exist, many are still in the concept stage, and they are expensive. There still needs to be a push to get these to a place where they are affordable, and readily available to the general public. Until then, they don’t serve the purpose they were intended to.

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Solar Panels Help You Save On Energy Costs

In our world today, many people are still functioning on antiquated energy sources, and do not quite understand how renewable energy can help increase the quality of their life. Not just there life, but the planet’s life as well. That is the primary reason I got into solar panel engineering, because I wanted to make a difference. Now I am here to tell you why you should use this technology, and how its contribution will inevitably transform into a much healthier place for each one of its inhabitants.

A solar panel system can benefit you and your household in so many different ways, it is quite unbelievable that people are not turning to this technology more rapidly. Although there has definitely been an increase in installation and implementation, there could always be more. When you first add a system it may be a bit costly, but the machine will eventually pay for itself by reducing the amount you pay for lights, AC unit, electric bill, appliances etc.
If you are interested in installing one of these systems, there are a few things you should search for in a company. is a great place to start searching for the right system. You should try to find someone who will provide you with a free solar consultation because there is no purpose in paying someone to tell you about their product. It is also recommended that you work with a company that will offer an energy audit, so that they are capable of creating a package that works the best for your needs.
If you are incapable of paying for a solar panel system at the moment, then you should search for a company that will offer you a no money down leasing option. There is no reason to refrain from investing in a system that has so many positive benefits for you and the planet. And as I mentioned before, the system will inevitably pay for itself in the long run. Currently there are only a select few of states that offer this opportunity, like Maryland and New Jersey.
Prior to making the leap into a solar system, ensure that you can justify the cost. Most people are capable of doing this with relative ease, but it is recommended to do consultation or comparison of your bill without a solar system versus the installation of one. This can really help guide you towards the right course of action. If you are hesitant, have no fear, just do some research and reach out to local companies who specialize in this field.
Once you have determined that this is the best energy solution for you to cut costs, while saving the environment proceed with the company of your choice to finish the installation process. Always remember that this is incredibly beneficial for our economy, your home and your work place. Solar panels can reduce the cost of your energy bill a significant amount. You are also entitled to a credit from your utility company for producing renewable energy and increasing life’s sustainability on this planet.

Photography By: Petruzzo Photography