Green Business – Go Eco Friendly at Work

Green WorldWhen you are engaged in green business, you are working towards a greater cause– a healthy environment for the future. You are not only working to earn or make money but you are working to make your environment and the Earth, our only home, a better place to live. You are working towards eradicating the harmful products and practices that have become so common in today’s society. Therefore, green business has motivated employees to work for a higher cause. As they know they are working for a greater cause they feel more empowered. Here are a few tips for you to also be eco-friendly at work. Remember, every little step counts!

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Top 10 Easy Tips to Practice a Green Lifestyle

Green LifestyleTip 1- Conserve Energy

You can conserve energy by doing the following few things:

  • Never run your car idle.
  • Always turn off the computer when it is not in use, especially at night
  • Wash your clothes with cold water
  • Insulate water pipes and repair any leaks
  • Lower the thermostat on the heater
  • Switch off lights not being used
  • Make maximum use of sunlight
  • Seal your doors and windows to avoid heat loss

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Green up Your Diet

Green FoodThey say you are what you eat, and nowadays this statement is becoming more apparent in our everyday lifestyles. We are beginning to see and understand the effects of unhealthy eating and devouring processed foods.

We must take action and ‘green up’ our diet. This includes switching to natural and organic foods rather than relying on the processed and frozen dinners that are so common in our households today. Unfortunately, what we are eating is not only destroying our bodies and health, but it is also beginning to destroy our environment. The increased demand for processed foods and fast food is increasing the amount of waste we are releasing into our environment, such as high quantities of grease and unrecyclable products.

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Surprising Encounters

After coming home from my engineering work, my eldest son approached me before even entering the house and said, “Dad, after looking at air rifle reviews and doing my research, I am now convinced which air rifle I want to purchase.” I replied, “Great job son! Now show me which one are you shopping for?” I was impressed at his top choice. When I went inside, my lovely wife welcomed me home and waited for me to meet a new friend of hers. I met her and my wife said that she wanted to hear our opinion on which car seat to obtain for her child from infants choice (a car seat website). I was glad to be able to assist my wife’s friend. It reminded me that with a home solar energy unit that is properly installed it could help avoid disaster in the longer run which is the same idea in regards to purchasing a car seat. Then my wife informed me of a speaking engagement at a high school at the end of the month.

Effects and Benefits to enjoy from Renewable Energy

At the speaking engagement I was the special guest speaker. I shared with the students the effects and benefits of renewable energy and how to use what we have been given by mother-nature. Speaking to a younger generation that was really interested in learning about the different types of energies inspired me to make my presentation interactive with the students. “Of course we all know that renewable energy may be provided by the sun, the wind or water” I initiated. They all agreed. I asked them to give me an example of what type of energy can be produced from sunlight and what might be some benefits we can enjoy?” A student raised his hand and said, “Sir, sunlight can produce electricity. For example if you install a solar paneling system at your house you can get electricity to light up your house. Then you can use your water heater and enjoy hot showers.” I was impressed at the student’s response. I asked, “What other benefit are there to enjoy?” Another student raised his hand quickly and said, “You can light up your whole house without having to pay a dime for your electric bill and then you will save a lot of money.” “Excellent response!” “What unit can be used to produce energy from water and wind?” I asked. Another intelligent pupil sharply responded, “Turbines can be used to generate hydroelectric power.” That was a genius answer. I remained in the auditorium for an hour and a half listening and learning as I got deeper sharing my thoughts with the students. They learned a great deal that with renewable energy we can live a sustainable life without having to burn oils and natural gases that depletes the atmosphere. After the speaking engagement I thought to myself that if other high schools really prioritized a sustainable living and educated their students on the effects and benefits of renewable energy; the younger generation would have a positive impact for a better living.

Do Fuel Efficient Tires Save Money?

Fuel economy has become an area to focus on nowadays. This is due to the gas prices being at an all-time high which makes fueling your car more expensive as ever. This has made everyone rush into new ways of saving gas, some harsh others just plain ineffective. One of the things that most people ignore when choosing the right fuel economy is the tires. The tires account for approximately 20% car’s fuel consumption. One of the ways of combating the high fuel prices is by using fuel efficient tires.

What are fuel efficient tires?
What are fuel efficient tires you ask? These are tires that are meant to reduce the car’s gas consumption. There are many factors that are put into consideration when designing car tires. Car manufactures conduct loads of research on tires and the materials used to make them before launching that new brand. Manufactures used to install fuel efficient tires on new cars and still do. The problem came in that those tires were not available in shops, which was a great hindrance to those who had already got used to the fuel economy having to install ordinary tires on their cars. The tire industry soon realized this and they upped their game on realizing that people are now interested in fuel economy for financial purposes and for environmental purposes. Fuel efficient tires are now widely available in stores and really do increase gas mileage of a car.

How do they work?
One of the main factors that contribute to a car’s consumption is the Rolling Resistance. Also referred to as the rolling friction or the rolling drag, this is the force at the axle of a vehicle in the direction moving towards that is required to make a loaded tire roll. Or in simpler terms, the force that restricts motion when a tire/ ball/ wheel roll on a surface in this case the tire. There are many factors contributing to this, like adhesion to the surface, sliding etc. The rolling resistance is the effort required by the car to make the tires roll, which translates to the amount of fuel that is to be burnt to move the vehicle. The higher the resistance the more effort the car has to put to move the vehicle. You can compare this to the effort you have to put when cycling. With poor tires you end up getting tired faster due to the amount of effort, the same happens in cars in that more gas is used to move the vehicle. Tires with low rolling resistance require less effort to move, effort here referring to the energy required in terms of gas to move your car.

Fuel efficient tire manufacturers have put all that into consideration when designing their tires by use of the proper materials to manufacture the tires, and other considerations to reduce the rolling resistance. As a result, the fuel-efficient tires may cost slightly more than the other tires, even after rebates, but they can save money over time. Remember that cheap can be expensive in the long run. The fuel-efficient tires may save you from 60 gallons of gas upwards per annum this dependent on the type of the car you are driving and the distance you travel per year. According to a report by the National Research Council on tires and fuel economy, a reduction of rolling resistance by 10% increases your fuel economy by 1.5% this for less active drivers. For regular highway drivers, this could mean up to 2.1% better fuel economy for you. This means you save quite a bit of gas throughout the tires’ life as well as saving the environment.

Other factors to consider about your tires
You have installed the fuel-efficient tire on your car, but there isn’t much of a difference in the consumption, here are some other factors to consider about your tires that may help save that extra buck;

  • Wear– Newly threaded tires have more rolling resistance compared to the shallower worn tires. The rolling resistance may reduce by up to 20% in the life of the tire this can be attributed to several factors like reduction in rubber squirm and tread mass among other factors including exposure to weather elements. New tire treads also travel further compared to worn ones.
  • Tire pressure – According to a study by a tire manufacturer, under inflated tires could increase your gas consumption by 10% which is quite a lot. Consult your car manufacturer or tire manufacturer on the right pressure for your vehicle some vehicles have the tire pressure indicated on the drivers’ side, also tires have the pressure indicated on them.

Drive safe and save that extra buck and the environment. Happy Driving!

Ways a Gym Can Be Powered By Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is the way of the future, as our resources are limited and we find the need to constantly work towards a more sustainable future. With this in mind, reformatting a gym to be powered by renewable energy can be a great way to not only save on bills, but to help our environment as well. Here are some ideas that might get you thinking about ways you can change up your gym to utilize renewable energy.

Kinetic Energy

Gyms are one of the most common places that people go to burn off energy, but where does this energy go? Just like matter, energy can’t simply be destroyed and vanish from existence. Within a gym, people use a lot of kinetic energy on machines, which then simply turns into a form of heat as a way of transferring the energy. Instead, this kinetic energy can be put to good use by transferring it to electrical energy.

This idea of transforming kinetic energy into electrical energy isn’t anything new, although there hasn’t been much technology developed to do this task for gyms. RevRev is one of the companies taking a big step forward in this direction. This company produces equipment that uses the kinetic energy from gym members to supply power to the grid, which in turn powers the gym. They claim that a 30 minute workout will supply 50 watts of power, which is enough power to keep a laptop on for an hour or charge a cell phone six times over.

Solar Panels

Kinetic energy may not be the only form of power that is being used on your gym, but not transferred into a renewable source. Solar energy may be hitting your roof and it isn’t even being put to use. That’s why you should consider installing solar panels.

Basically, solar panels use sunlight to generate electrical power. Does that mean that you can’t use solar panels for your gym if you live in an area that doesn’t get very much sunlight? While they may be a little less effective, solar panels absorb UV rays which are always present during the day time. Even if you can’t see the sun because of a layer of cloud coverage, your solar panels will still develop electrical energy from the UV rays that are still able to get through. Within only a couple of years, the amount of money you’ll save on electrical bills for your gym will outweigh the initial cost of the solar panels themselves. They are well worth it.

“I fitted Solar Panels to the roof of our gym. It was a big financial outlay but in the long run it will save us thousands of dollars” – Ari Bolden Submissions 101 gym Victoria, British Columbia.

Wind Power

Perhaps your gym is located in a windy area, which may even be the reason that so many people decide to come in and run on a treadmill instead of outside. Wind power is something that is used to generate power across the world, some places dedicating whole fields full of wind turbines just to pick up on wind energy and transfer it into a usable electric energy source.

Although you most likely don’t have a field behind your gym that you plan on doing this with, you are able to generate power using wind energy on a smaller scale. There are smaller wind turbine devices that can be purchased that will send power to your grid when they generate it from the wind. This power can then be used to supply electricity for your gym, at no additional cost to you.

This method is only suggested in windy areas. In areas with little to no wind, you won’t generate enough power to notice much of a difference or to make the cost of the wind turbines worthwhile.


Hopefully these three different techniques inspired some ideas within yourself that you can use on your own gym. Having a gym that uses renewable energy not only helps the environment, but it’s sure to attract more customers as a result. All of this while you save money on your own bills.

Solar Panel Decisions for Homeowners

I live in Ireland and the appearance of what are termed “windmills” and solar panels on rooftops have quite literally started to explode. A year ago, you could have driven the length and breadth of Ireland and never seen anything of this nature. In fact I looked out my own window, from my second floor bedroom and was quite amazed, as I noticed that there were at least three houses, who had opted for full solar panels on the roofs of their homes.

That started me thinking and also I started to dig a little deeper as to why there should be such a sudden proliferation of these environmentally friendly options. It did not take long to discover that, various energy renewal businesses were heavily promoting these. Home owners who opted to participate in this scheme, could have their home powered free of charge, so clearly a win for them.

How The Companies Make Their Money?

The companies made their money as any excess power created was fed back into the main grid. They received their share of the profits, by selling this extra energy back to the main suppliers. In many ways it was a 3-way win. The customer go free power, the company made money by charging for the extra power, and the main suppliers were able to provide more energy to customers. That seems to me to be an all round winner for everyone.

Was It Really That Simple?

I am a person who really does like the detail so I started to dig a little further. Here were some of the disadvantages of the scheme, which I think are really important.

The Appearance of the house – I can’t say that this looks pretty. It is not really bad looking either, but in my opinion it does detract from the overall look of the home.

The House and Roof Structure – Some homes needed construction work done on the roof. These panels are naturally heavy and so supporting struts have to be drilled, and supported by metal attachments. In some cases the supporting structure needs to be removed altogether. Stronger wood then has to be sawn to size and attached using metal joining fixtures.


This particular one gave me some concern. If you opt for this scheme, you have to sign a 20-25 year agreement to keep the panels in place. It is not really a huge issue to do that, providing you have no plans to move. However, should you decide to sell your home and move, then any potential buyer has to agree to sign up to the remainder of the agreement.

That for me could jeopardise the sale, and so it is something worth thinking about. It will be a bit of a trade off as the potential new owner will of course get free electricity, but he will have to sign the agreement to get that option. If he does not want to do that, then the seller can either buy out his contract, and pay to have the panels removed, or just wait on another buyer.

This is something I am sure people have considered when they are opting for these schemes, but if not, then I think it is worth some genuine consideration.

The Pros and Cons of Chainsaw Milling

Chainsaw milling is the conversion of logs to lumber with the use of the chainsaw at the same site as where the trees were felled. Chainsaw milling has both been hailed for its economic benefits and criticized, as well for its negative impact on the environment and the exposure to danger of chainsaw millers. This article will examine both the pros and cons of chainsaw milling.

There have been many objections on chainsaw milling especially from environmentalists. For one, environmentalists worry about the availability of logs as some chainsaw millers may be indiscriminately cutting off trees. Anti-chainsaw milling advocates argue that the majority of those involved in lumber production through the use of chainsaws are uneducated on environmental sustainability and even on proper felling techniques. Felling techniques are important as incorrect felling practices can result into damage of the surrounding species—flora and fauna.

Those against chainsaw milling who are concerned about the environmental repercussions of this practice say that the biggest environmental impact of milling with the use of a chainsaw is the under utilization of the felled trees. Anti- chainsaw milling advocates say that many portions of the felled trees are left because of the absence of proper equipments, transportation, resources and most of all knowledge among chainsaw millers. Plus, many workers due to their lack of knowledge and education cutoff trees indiscriminately thus, the utilization of limited natural resources becomes inefficient.

In addition, those who oppose chainsaw milling worry about the dependence of the local communities on an unsustainable livelihood as many communities near forest areas earn their living through the felling of the trees with the use of the chainsaw.

There are, however, no substantial studies yet state that chainsaw milling is more harmful to the environment compared to the conventional logging. In fact, proponents of chainsaw milling argue that chainsaw milling has less environmental impact as long as the best chainsaw equipment is used. Chainsaw equipments are lighter compared to the equipments used by conventional loggers and produce fewer skids trails as a result.

In fact, a study on the chainsaw milling in Guyana, a small country in the northern coast of South America noted that the economic impacts of chainsaw milling are hard to ignore. For one, chainsaw milling in the said country contributes roughly 3.4 percent to the country’s gross domestic product without compromising Guyana’s finite natural resources since deforestation rate remains at low levels.

Chainsaw lumber also has other economic benefits as the local market has a supply of the low-cost lumbers. Chainsaw milling also offers the market with more species to choose from. Consider that large-scale logging is associated with higher expenses and cost and only chooses on selected species for conversion. Local communities also found employments as chainsaw millers since they are able to obtain credit to purchase equipment for chainsaw milling activities.

And it seems that the benefits of allowing chainsaw milling outweigh the perceived disadvantages of this method of converting the lumber. The Guyana Forestry Commission, after a careful study decided to acknowledge the potential and allow chainsaw milling with certain recommendations and courses of action.

The country has a regulatory framework to ensure that the advantages of chainsaw milling continue to outnumber the costs. This has resulted to the establishment of Small Logging Associations that educate chainsaw millers, the community forest permissions that grant licenses to name a few. For more information please contact the folks at The Power Toolbox.

Engineering and Renewable Energy

With global warming and extensive pollution, the use of renewable energy is poised to be one of the main measures that would save the world from looming devastation. Renewable energy comes in the form of wind, solar, thermal and a number of other sources. These types of energy are naturally generated and does not have any poisonous emissions or other pollutants. They are safe. However, for energy to be harnessed from wind, solar, waves, or yes, even fossils and be used for the various functions there has to be someone designing and developing and that is where the engineers come in.

There are a number of engineering facets that are involved in the harnessing of these natural energy sources to reach the homes of the users. The engineers involved are the mechatronic engineers, the mechanical engineers, and the electrical engineers. These engineers play a key role in the testing of the new forms of renewable energies.

Mechanical engineers

Most of the renewable energy involves the transition of mechanical force into electrical energy. Mechanical engineers have a role in the development of the parts that will harness the mechanical movement of the natural sources, to be translated into a form that can run a motor. To get the most out of the natural sources such as wind, the design of the blades have to be appropriate. The blades movement will be transformed into a mechanical movement that can be directed towards a motor. This is the responsibility of Mechanical engineers. If you’re interested in becoming a mechanical engineer, understand that it’s an important job that requires hard work and dedication.

Mechatronic engineers

Mechatronic engineers are qualified professionals in the integration of mechanics with electronics. Natural sources of energy such as wind and waves require the conversion of the mechanical force to electrical power generation. The mechanical forces that is caused by the natural forces has to be effectively translated to electrical output through the right design.

The mechatronic engineers have a pivotal role in testing the input the mechanical force and its corresponding electrical force. The force should have the right rating that does not damage any component of the system. The engineers are also essential in the control of the electrical output and establishing protective circuits.

Electrical engineers

The primary role of electrical engineers is designing electrical systems, testing the systems, and creating circuits that will manage the power that comes in for various uses. Electrical engineers are responsible for standardizing of the electrical current that comes out of the natural energy sources into domestic uses.

The electrical current that comes out of renewable energy should be tested for use in domestic or industrial places. The electrical engineers do these procedures. In case the source of energy is not consistent and requires storage such as solar energy, the electrical engineers will be responsible for the design of systems that will store the energy.

Engineering and Renewable energy have to operate in the same time to harness energy from natural sources. Some of the challenges that face renewable energy are easily solved through appropriate engineering. With the right engineering design and the appropriate use of technology, renewable energy can expend its supply to the global energy use.

If you want to know more about the types of engineers that exist you can always check out or visit your local university.

The Top Three Environmentally Sustainable Sports

If you are trying to live in a sustainable way, you have to pay a lot of attention to all aspects of your life. Where you are living, and your diet both demand a lot of attention and time from you, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t pay similar attention to your physical activities.

If you are living sustainably, but you are not paying attention to how you spend the time you devote to playing sports you might still end up putting a big burden on the environment. Let’s consider the following scenario. You are living in a green home, with low energy use, but you drive to hunt deer on the weekend with your SUV. You can easily see that even though your house is sustainable, you are not living in a sustainable way.

It doesn’t make sense not to approach all aspects of your life in a way so that it is sustainable. If you want to leave the Earth is a good condition for your children you should make sure that you are not putting a big burden on the environment. In this article I intend to look at the three most popular sports that allow you to live a sustainable lifestyle. These sports have minimal or no greenhouse gas emissions, and put almost no burden on the environment.

The first of such sports is jogging. You don’t need many pieces of equipment in order to go on a run around the block, and you don’t produce any greenhouse gases. All you need is a pair of running shoes, a pair of shorts, and a t-shirt. If you really get into running you can buy additional gear, but it is not necessary to do so. I bought a pair of running socks after reading reviews on the socks section of Jog of Your Life. If you like running during the night, you will need a reflective running jacket. You can find reviews of these on the same website.

When you are jogging, make sure that you are running on proper surface. Grass is the best, but avoid hard surfaces such as concrete. It will damage your knees. Sustainable running has to be sustainable for your body as well. If you read a few tips on healthy running, you will be able to avoid injuries easily.

Cycling is also a good and sustainable way of exercising. Many people use cycling as a way of getting to the office. This s a very smart thing, in fact cycling can be quicker than driving a car in the morning traffic jam in big cities. Not to mention how much more environmentally friendly it is. If you cycle a total of thirty minutes every weekday, you already do a whole lot to balance out the negative effects of sitting at a desk all day.

My third favorite sustainable sport is walking. It is not much different than jogging, you don’t even need any special gear for walking. My father goes on an hour-long walk every day, and it completely transformed his life. He was never enthusiastic about sports, but he loves listening to podcasts on his iPod, while roaming the streets. Others love walking their dogs, and meeting new people in the process. If you don’t like running or cycling, walking might just be the best sustainable sport for you!

Benefits of Switching to Self-Sustaining Electricity

Something I read a lot about is the debate between gas/propane and electricity: Which is better for the environment? Which is more efficient? Which is cheaper? While there are a lot of points to be made for both sides, the bottom line is this – If you can provide your own electricity, you are putting less stress on the environment, you are saving money, and efficiency isn’t really an issue because it’s YOUR electricity!

I recently read an article that said that electricity is a byproduct of another form of energy. A “secondary” source. While this might be true if you are living in an area that burns coal or oil to spin the turbine that creates electricity, this isn’t the case a lot of the time. Electricity generated through sustainable sources like solar panels, wind turbines, and hydro turbines are PRIMARY energy sources. They convert natural power into a consumable resource that can potentially last forever with very little impact on the environment, relative to coal or oil energy sources.

If you live in an area where it is feasible to install solar panels or wind turbines on your property, which is almost anywhere in rural New Zealand, you can create your own electricity and cut down your dependance on imported energy.

Of course, when making the switch to solar power, you need to think about where the power goes in your home. The largest consumers of power are your stove, your dryer, and your furnace. While it would be a dream to completely power all of these appliances by self-produced power, it would require more square meters than most of us have available to devote to solar panels. For this reason, it’s more practical to keep your large, heat producing appliances powered with natural gas.

You can, however, choose to purchase energy efficient products like a plasma TV, and a low wattage refrigerator, and use fluorescent bulbs to reduce electricity consumption, so that you solar panels can power more with less! Some products which typically rely on gas, like a propane BBQ, can be replaced with energy efficient versions, like this electric grill, which will run off your home grown power. No more need for that oil byproduct, propane!

By using efficient appliances you can effectively reduce your home’s electricity consumption from the average of 14,000 milliwatts per day to under 2500! That’s almost a 6 fold reduction, which can be supported by the electricity production of solar panels. Of course, traditional methods of energy reduction are still crucial in making sure you are living green, such as turning off lights when not in use, not leaving the tap running which you are brushing your teeth, and not flushing every piece of lint down the toilet.

Most energy efficient appliances can be purchased from local department stores, however, you are more than likely to find the best deals online by simply doing a search engine query. Of course there are many factors to consider when making the choice to go “off grid” so to speak: your location, rain fall, mean days of sunshine, average hours of sun per day, etc… all of which will give you a better idea of what costs would be incurred making the switch. So continue to do some research to find out if it’s right for you!

Why Malls Install Solar Panels

Solar energy is a clean and renewable source of energy. Because of its numerous benefits, more and more people are having solar panels installed. Recognizing the full potential of this source of power, industrial entities such as malls have started a nationwide campaign of solar panel installation.

Why do Malls Install Solar Panels?
Today, more and more malls are having solar panels installed on their rooftops. After all, they come with a variety of benefits, such as:

  • Free Electricity Electricity is perhaps the biggest expense that comes with operating a mall. With solar panels, owners can save their companies from millions of dollars in utility bills every month – for the next 25 years (even more.) Because of this great potential, solar panels are now being put up on rooftops – with some even considering placing some in open parking lots.
  • Protection from Electric Rate Hikes Electricity rates increase by as much as 6% every year. If the mall’s electric bills amount to $1,000 monthly, it can inflate to as much as $3,820/month after 25 years. Because of the relentless electric hike, solar panels can help mall proprietors save money on future expenses.
  • Tax Write-Off Solar panels help malls save a lot of money. Apart from free electricity, it gives the company a huge tax write-off. Malls fitted with solar panels can get as much as 30% tax credit, apart from the other write-offs that one can enjoy from the state.
  • Make some money Apart from generating free, clean energy, malls with solar panels can make additional profits. After all, the owner can sell electricity to its tenants. Instead of letting them buy electricity from the utility company, the mall can sell the extra electricity from the panels – and make money along the way.
  • Protection from Power Outages Like a generator, a mall solar panel can keep the establishment running during power outages. In case of an unforeseen event, such as a hurricane, tornado or earthquake, the solar panel can provide that much-needed electricity for emergency lighting and water purification.
  • Reduction of Carbon Footprint Malls – like other establishments – have to do their part for Mother Earth. One way mall owners can do so is with the installation of solar panels. Not only do they produce clean, free energy, they eliminate the carbon footprint that the mall can leave with conventional power usage.
  • Excellent Publicity One of the best things about solar panel installation in malls is the positive publicity it can give. With solar panels, mall owners can enjoy great media coverage with their ‘extraordinary’ measures. This, in turn, can attract more patrons to the shopping center.

Malls in the Pursuit of Clean and Green Energy

With the many advantages of solar energy, more and more malls, such as the Los Cerritos Center, are installing solar panels. Just this April, the mall unveiled its more than 3,000 photovoltaic cells, all set to deliver as much as 860 kilowatts of power to the shopping center. This equates to as much as 30% of the establishment’s electricity requirement.

Los Cerritos Center is one of the six California malls who have recently leaped from conventional power to solar energy. Initiating the green electricity initiative are other Californian malls, such as the Panorama Mall in San Fernando Valley and the Inland Center Mall in San Bernardino. Free and clean electricity, tax write-offs and good publicity – these are just some of the many perks that come with solar panel installation. For example, job applications to Cerritos mall has jumped and electric bills have dropped since installation of the panels. With these benefits, it comes as no surprise why more and more malls are lobbying for a greener source of energy.

Growing Your Own Food And The Menace Of Pest Birds

Would you like to eat fresh food that’s good for you and the planet? Then start growing your own food today! You can start by getting into gardening in your own backyard.

Much of the food we eat has traveled hundreds or even thousands of kilometers to reach us. The carbon emissions from transportation and refrigerated storage are a significant contributor to climate change, which is not good for renewable energy and sustainable living.

Creating a food garden at home or in your local community is a simple and effective way to reduce your impact on the environment. It will also give you the experience of pleasure that comes from growing your own food – there’s nothing like looting your vegetable for dinner or biting into a juicy, sweet strawberry fresh from your own garden. You’ll also enjoy the taste of pesticide-free and truly fresh food. Growing your own food is good for you and great for the planet and sustainable living!

Consider the benefits of growing your own food:

- lowers the cost of providing your family with healthy, organic vegetables

- reduces the environmental impact of transporting and warehousing food

- makes your meals more personal, interesting

- connects your family to the natural cycles of weather, growth and renewal

- provides wholesome activity and lasting memories for your children

However, pest birds may cause significant damage to crops and reduce grower’s ability to reap his agricultural produce. When this occurs, the broader economy may suffer if the grower not only produces for himself but also for commercial distribution due to reduced production and fewer commodities for processing and sale. Bird pests consume and damage crops, reducing crop yield and quality, and the grower’s ability to enjoy his produce. Birds like nothing better than to devour fresh agricultural produce. They always seem to get to it right before it’s ripe enough to harvest. This can be so devastating because these birds eat your produce even before you get a chance to. After all your effort and input, pest birds eat up your produce and leave you with almost nothing but more work. This menace has been known to discourage a lot of people who love growing their own food.

How Do You Keep These Pest Birds Away

In order not to give up your dream of growing your own food, certain control measures have to be put in place to stop these birds from feeding off of your garden or farm. Bird scarers are effective means of keeping away birds from damaging your agricultural produce. Examples of bird scarers are:

Solar Technology Integrated With Computers Is The Future

Solar panels have come a long way in recent decades, in both efficiency and productivity for solar energy uses. Many homes across the country have been upgraded by their homeowners to make use of solar panel systems to power their lights, heating and cooling systems, home appliances, and various other gadgets in their home. While fuel cell technology is still being improved upon and hasn’t quite reached the level of advancement most home and business owners would require, the current generation of power cell storage is still adequate for most of the needs for modern families.

Solar panel systems can be a great way of replacing your electric company services for many reasons. The most obvious reason is the environmental safety that solar panels provide. Solar panels work by collecting the sun’s rays throughout the day, powering appliances with clean eco-friendly solar power instead of pulling it from power lines that come from potentially dangerous power plants. While many power plants have taken it upon themselves to improve their environmental footprint, not all facilities are as clean as they would prefer to be. This makes using solar energy for your home much more environment friendly than the current alternatives.

So why isn’t every home equipped with this amazing technology? The simple answer is, it’s not as easily affordable for many homeowners yet. While in the long run you can save thousands of dollars by using this amazing technology, it can still cost a lot upfront to get installed into your home. In the past, management of the solar panels has always been a difficult measure for the owner as well. In recent years, however, the management of solar panels has been improved by advances in computers and computer controlled systems.

While in the past, you had to use a timer mechanism to manage where the solar panels pointed to catch sun rays, computers have replaced this drawback with automated functions to move the panels where the sun hits them the most. This can be extremely beneficial to help catch all the sunlight possible during the day, to improve the power efficiency for your home during the day. With the help of computer controlled management, the solar panels are capable of moving into the best position regardless of cloud cover, and collect all the solar rays possible to charge your home’s power cells. You could even potentially control the panels from your smartphone using software apps and other tools like they discuss over at this blog.

The use of computers in conjunction with solar technology is a huge leap forward, ensuring that maximum efficiency is gained. Whereas before things were just kind of “as is” when installed, using computer technology can easily help maximize energy gained. Technology is improving at an exponential pace, and we have confidence that in 10 years the capabilities of solar power will have doubled and be much more integrated into society. Think about how helpful it could be to have a solar panel of the roof of a car to help charge the battery as the car is moving. Or solar powered roads, which is another idea that is making the rounds on social media. It’s an interesting evolution to watch.

How solar panels in your home can save you money

Many households are getting phone calls every five minutes from companies offering to install solar panels for free in their homes. The question is are they worth it? How much money could they potentially save you? Here is the down low about solar panels.

What is sustainable living?
Sustainable living is a lifestyle choice made by individuals who use the earth’s natural resources, as well as personal resources. They do this to reduce their carbon footprint, and there are several ways to do it. Many people will buy cars with smaller engines or even electric cars that use very little fuel. They may dramatically reduce their energy consumption or change their diet to a more environmentally friendly one.

There are sustainable homes that are built using certain materials and built in a way that in no way damages the environment. These are built either close to essential services such as grocery stores, schools and public transport, so homeowners can make their way around without having to drive long distances. They can also be built off-the-grid somewhere, where they do not require any public energy, water or sewage services.

Where do solar panels come in?
Solar panels are devices installed into your home to convert light into electricity. They are called solar panels because they use the most powerful source of light, most of the time, which is the sun.

It is pretty technical, the solar cells are spread across a large surface area so that they can provide a larger amount of power. The more light that hits the cell, the more energy that it produces.

These, in your home can mean big savings for you on your electricity bills. Living in Britain, many people think that they will not save any money with solar panels, because, let’s face it, we don’t get a lot of sunshine.

However solar panels create energy even on gloomy days. Even though it may not be as much, any electricity generated in an environmentally friendly way is good!

What’s the catch!?
You will get given a certain type of tariff when you get your solar panels, this is depending on when they were installed and if they are fully registered and insured. The rate of this energy tariff is guaranteed for 20 years as long as you do everything properly. Considering the rates of energy are set to dramatically rise over the next 20 years, this is a big saving. This is a great way to have some money in your pocket and potentially pay off some debts and bills!

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that a typical 4kWp system can knock off £125 from a family’s bills each year. Obviously each saving would be different depending on several factors in the home.

The government have recently slashed the payments for generating electricity to about £7,0000, from around £10,000- £12,000. This means that getting panels has become cheaper.

Some people may be entitled to FREE solar panels. Those who live in certain parts of England and have a sustainable roof are eligible. It is tough to meet the criteria but worth having a look.

Renewable Energy: Make a Solar Cooker

With Earth’s resources at a premium, renewable energy is becoming more popular and fuels that emit pollutants are losing ground. An up and coming trend in clean energy is solar power. Solar power can be used to meet many of our needs, such as home heating, electricity and powering cars. Cooking innovations that harnesses the power of the sun is a solar cooker and a solar oven.

Using a solar cooker instead of an electric or gas oven can save on monthly bills. Cooking with solar emits no toxic emissions or greenhouse gases. Health benefits of using a solar oven verses gas or electric is that less oil is used in preparing food. Another benefit of solar cookers is there is less risk of gas leaks, electrical shocks and fires in the home. A simple solar oven is easy to make with supplies you probably already have around the house.

As long as you have access to sunlight, a homemade solar cooker will work quite well. Begin by collecting these simple supplies: tin foil, plastic wrap, construction paper, two large Styrofoam cups, a rubber band, glue, and black poster paint. Paint the inside of one cup. Place cut up fruits or vegetables in the cup to cook. Cover the top of the cup with plastic wrap and hold in place with a rubber band. Glue the tin foil to the construction paper with the shiny side up. Wrap this around the cup of food with the shiny side in and glue in place. Place this cup inside the second cup. Place this solar cooker in a small hole in the ground in a sunny location. The sun will reflect off the tinfoil and cook the ingredients in the cup.

A solar oven works well to cook larger meals. Supplies needed to make a solar oven include a cardboard box, tin foil and glue. Begin by lining the inside of the box with tin foil. Place your food in the bottom of the box. Position the box so the sun is shining directly into it and onto the food. The sun will reflect off the tinfoil in the box and cook the ingredients in the bottom.

It is best to cook fruits and vegetables in solar cookers or ovens. Experimenting with fresh foods or using a delicious desert recipe is fun and a good way to get the family involved. Cobblers, fruit crisps and buttered vegetables work extremely well.

A solar oven can also work extremely well as a pizza oven. If the pizza includes meats, it is best to use pre-cooked items to be sure the meat is thoroughly cooked. You may also use a meat thermometer to ensure proper cooking temperatures are met. A pizza stone can be placed inside the oven to absorb some of the grease and can provide flatter cooking surface.

By incorporating renewable, clean energy into our lives we are helping to preserve the Earth for future generations. A small way we can contribute to this is by using the power of the sun. Recycling materials into solar cookers and solar ovens is a fun way to experiment with solar energy. As with any cooking appliances, use them safely and enjoy the culinary delights they produce.