Green Business – Go Eco Friendly at Work

Green WorldWhen you are engaged in green business, you are working towards a greater cause– a healthy environment for the future. You are not only working to earn or make money but you are working to make your environment and the Earth, our only home, a better place to live. You are working towards eradicating the harmful products and practices that have become so common in today’s society. Therefore, green business has motivated employees to work for a higher cause. As they know they are working for a greater cause they feel more empowered. Here are a few tips for you to also be eco-friendly at work. Remember, every little step counts!

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Top 10 Easy Tips to Practice a Green Lifestyle

Green LifestyleTip 1- Conserve Energy

You can conserve energy by doing the following few things:

  • Never run your car idle.
  • Always turn off the computer when it is not in use, especially at night
  • Wash your clothes with cold water
  • Insulate water pipes and repair any leaks
  • Lower the thermostat on the heater
  • Switch off lights not being used
  • Make maximum use of sunlight
  • Seal your doors and windows to avoid heat loss

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Green up Your Diet

Green FoodThey say you are what you eat, and nowadays this statement is becoming more apparent in our everyday lifestyles. We are beginning to see and understand the effects of unhealthy eating and devouring processed foods.

We must take action and ‘green up’ our diet. This includes switching to natural and organic foods rather than relying on the processed and frozen dinners that are so common in our households today. Unfortunately, what we are eating is not only destroying our bodies and health, but it is also beginning to destroy our environment. The increased demand for processed foods and fast food is increasing the amount of waste we are releasing into our environment, such as high quantities of grease and unrecyclable products.

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Solar Panels: Catching Power from Infinite Source

I did not become a solar panel engineer for the sake of profession only. Rather, I came to choose it because of a personal passion. I grew up in an environment where everyone in my family is conscious about conservation and sustainability.

When I learned in the news that some countries in the world are suffering from thinning power supply, causing frequent power outage or rotational brownout, I decided it is now high time for people to catch energy from an infinite source. Solar panels on homes can resolve the issue of constant power interruptions and allow consumers to reduce their electricity bills.

That’s why aside from being a solar panel engineer, I also take active part in doing sales pitch to convince consumers the tremendous benefits they can get from solar panels. And, so for my readers out there, I list down the advantages of utilizing energy from the sun.

Save on your electricity bill. When you install solar panel on your home, it’s like slashing off a big chunk of your electricity expense with a sharp knife. Although, the initial outlay may be high, it will pay off in the long run.You can save at least 50% of your bill, or even eliminate the expense altogether, depending on the size of the solar system you install.

Increase the value of your home. When you decide to resale your home, you will have, on average, a $5.50 per watt advantage, depending on your home’s location. Besides, you can be assured that your home will sell faster than those without solar panels.

Reduce your carbon footprints and protect the earth. The technology used in the production of solar panels does not emit carbon, methane or particulate, unlike what fossil fuels do. It does not require drilling or large scale mining operations, too.

Likewise, installing solar panels allows you to conserve over 16,000 gallons of water annually.

Geopolitical advantage. Many countries – including yours, perhaps – depend on oil-producing nations for supply of fossil fuels.In the event of political unrest or any problem involving the fuel source, oil prices and supply will also become unstable. Although I admit it’s not easy to break free from the bondage of dependence on oil-producing countries, we can significantly loosen it gradually by advocating environmentally friendly alternatives.

Solar power is not limited to home use only. If you install solar panels on your business establishment, you can certainly reduce your operating costs. Besides, it requires little or no maintenance at all, while providing you with electricity quietly for around 25 to 40 years. Some of the solar panels I have handled carry a 25-year warranty. That is how efficient this technology is!

Although this is not a cure-all solution that can single-handedly solve all of the world’s social, economic, environmental, and political problems, solar power is becoming competitive with conventional sources of energy. If you compare this technology with a kitchen tool, it is like a little dependable mtech knives that cut little by little until the desired result is achieved.

A Short Note on Small Solar-Powered Devices

We constantly hear about how important solar energy is. That makes sense; this is the era of clean energy (or at least the push for it.) However, when we hear about solar energy, it’s always in a big way. Solar grids, solar-powered houses or buildings, etc.

What about solar-powered devices?

We rarely hear about solar-powered smart phones, computers, lifelines, heart monitors, etc. I think this is where it really counts. Think about how frustrating it is when the battery in your watch dies. You have to take it to somebody who deals in watches, have them replace it, wind it, etc. It can end up costing $50. If it was solar-powered, imagine the headache that would save you.

Additionally, I feel these days, batteries are an outdated technology. Why not update our devices with the modern era. Think of how many times our phones died at the worst possible time. Solar-powered devices would eliminate that.

So why haven’t we moved in this direction? Well there are a few reasons. First, there is just a large push back against clean energy. People have so much invested in the old type of energy that they are holding us back from advancing to newer, more efficient energy sources.

However, it looks like we are making our way there.

Some companies are hearing the plea to upgrade devices to solar-energy, however. Thirsty eco computers are an example. They run 100% off of solar-energy and natural resources. They are a bit costly, but they are stylish and will save you a bundle in the future when you have to upgrade that expensive battery.

Other companies are making tweaks to make their devices more solar-powered friendly. The Enerplex solar charger is a sleeve for your iPhone that will charge your battery completely by solar energy. We think this was an excellent advancement. It doesn’t force Apple to make an overly expensive phone that is solar powered; instead, it just makes a simple sleeve that can use natural energy to charge your phone. This is great for many different reasons. It saves on energy, it can help if you’re stuck in a place where you can’t plug in your phone, but you still need to have it charged for emergency purposes.

Another example would be Apple’s computer synced chronometers. They are lightweight, handsome little devices that certainly hold the Apple look. They can be synced with your computer to hold your schedule, emails, etc. Additionally, they are powered completely by solar energy. This is a huge advancement!

The only problem with these devices is their availability. Not many people know they exist, many are still in the concept stage, and they are expensive. There still needs to be a push to get these to a place where they are affordable, and readily available to the general public. Until then, they don’t serve the purpose they were intended to.

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions, concerns, arguments, etc., please feel free to leave us a comment in the contact page!

Solar Panels Help You Save On Energy Costs

In our world today, many people are still functioning on antiquated energy sources, and do not quite understand how renewable energy can help increase the quality of their life. Not just there life, but the planet’s life as well. That is the primary reason I got into solar panel engineering, because I wanted to make a difference. Now I am here to tell you why you should use this technology, and how its contribution will inevitably transform into a much healthier place for each one of its inhabitants.

A solar panel system can benefit you and your household in so many different ways, it is quite unbelievable that people are not turning to this technology more rapidly. Although there has definitely been an increase in installation and implementation, there could always be more. When you first add a system it may be a bit costly, but the machine will eventually pay for itself by reducing the amount you pay for lights, AC unit, electric bill, appliances etc.
If you are interested in installing one of these systems, there are a few things you should search for in a company. is a great place to start searching for the right system. You should try to find someone who will provide you with a free solar consultation because there is no purpose in paying someone to tell you about their product. It is also recommended that you work with a company that will offer an energy audit, so that they are capable of creating a package that works the best for your needs.
If you are incapable of paying for a solar panel system at the moment, then you should search for a company that will offer you a no money down leasing option. There is no reason to refrain from investing in a system that has so many positive benefits for you and the planet. And as I mentioned before, the system will inevitably pay for itself in the long run. Currently there are only a select few of states that offer this opportunity, like Maryland and New Jersey.
Prior to making the leap into a solar system, ensure that you can justify the cost. Most people are capable of doing this with relative ease, but it is recommended to do consultation or comparison of your bill without a solar system versus the installation of one. This can really help guide you towards the right course of action. If you are hesitant, have no fear, just do some research and reach out to local companies who specialize in this field.
Once you have determined that this is the best energy solution for you to cut costs, while saving the environment proceed with the company of your choice to finish the installation process. Always remember that this is incredibly beneficial for our economy, your home and your work place. Solar panels can reduce the cost of your energy bill a significant amount. You are also entitled to a credit from your utility company for producing renewable energy and increasing life’s sustainability on this planet.

Photography By: Petruzzo Photography

Saving Vital Energy

As a solar panel engineer, I thoroughly enjoy it and love how rewarding a job it actually is.

I feel it’s rewarding for a couple reasons, firstly the job allows me to be able to honestly say that every time I help a client, I help them do their bit for the environment, which in turn helps me do mine. Another reason I find it rewarding is because of how much money I can save each client on their electric bill, and because I see how happy this factor makes them, it makes me happy.

The main reason I am writing this article is so that I can hopefully inspire you as readers to try to do your bit for the environment, and I also want to answer some of the more common questions that I have been asked by clients in the past.

Firstly I am going to attempt to explain why it is important for all of us to do our bit when it comes to trying to find and use an eco-friendly and renewable energy source. For those who don’t know a lot of our current sources of energy will eventually run out and a lot of them are already going this way.

Due to this fact we now majorly need to turn ourselves around and preserve these non-renewable resources so there is a chance to use them for more efficient and important things than heat, light and electric.

Is it affordable?

It is no secret that the initial cost of solar panels if you were to buy them outright is by no means cheap, although there are already a lot of companies and schemes in place in order to attempt to combat this.

The way these companies work is that they offer you the actually physical solar panels to the customer for free, so that anytime there is light hitting the panels the electric is free, meaning they will only have to pay for electric at night, which isn’t a bad deal as it means you save money for free.

So all in all the answer to this well asked question is yes solar panels are very affordable.

Will the solar panels look neat?

Over the years as solar panels have developed there has been a lot of effort put into trying to making them look more and more discrete, after all everyone wants a home that you can take pride in and really enjoy looking at both inside and out.

While I have been trying to use my own ideas when trying to improve the look of the solar panels, I also decided to do a lot research into property development and refurbishing as I thought this would be the best way to get a really good idea of the things that people like to do to their homes, so that I could try to make them fit to everyone’s tastes.

When I was doing my research I used a lot of sources. From both sides of the fence to see how making the change to solar panels would be helpful for both property owners (from landlords to property investment companies) and to tenants.

I hope this article has helped answer these question for you, and can also help you to make an informed decision concerning if solar panels are right for you.

Solar Panels – A Long Term Investment with Immediate Results

solar panelThe first solar panels were designed for powering Earth satellites in the 1950s. With an 8% to 9% efficacy, they successfully powered the on-board systems. Improved versions of these first prototypes are still used for satellite powering in space. However, the contemporary models have increased their efficiency up to 21% and their use has been enlarged to residential and commercial purposes. They are more often used to power appliances in boats, recreational vehicles or even tents and it seems that their use is limited by our imagination (and lack of sufficient sunlight). But why are solar panels so popular?

Independence from the main power grid

Solar panels can be placed anywhere, from roof-tops in the center of the city to remote cabins on the sea-side, so that you can enjoy your current powered appliances wherever you go. They can be used as main source of power for houses, commercial spaces, cabins, garages, tents and RV, but they can also be used as a back-up solution for a grid-connected house and thus help reduce the electricity bills. Users can start with a simple system which includes one or two solar panels, a charge controller and a battery (with an inverter if used for powering appliances) which can provide light in the house or power small electrical appliances such as laptops or mp3s and keep adding panels until the entire house is supplied solely from the solar power (or until covering the available surface).


Probably the thing we like the most about solar panels is that they produce renewable energy and as long as the sun is up, they keep on producing. Modern solar panels produce (small amounts of) electricity even in cloudy weather. There is no pollution, no noise and no ugly smell around, like you get when using generators, so everyone can use them without disturbing the neighbors or causing damage to the environment. And when you think that the sun is for free and comes out every day, things become even more appealing (and you’ll have at least one reason to love early mornings)!

Reduced size and weight

The solar panels have reduced size and weight compared to other “green” energy systems. They can be installed on the house or garage roof or in an unused, yet sunny part of the garden. They can also be placed on city blocks, making them suitable for the urban landscape as well as for the rural areas.

Minimalist design

Yes, the solar panels are easy recognizable on any roof and nothing can mask their appearance, but let’s face it, they look a million times better than any conventional power plant you have seen. Furthermore, their current sleek design is much more appealing than their original, bulky look and if you are lucky to have a sun-oriented look, they may be have a small inclination which will make them hardly visible from the ground. In some cases they can successfully hide a dull and poorly maintained concrete roof, so give them a chance when trying to redecorate the top of your house/city block!

Diverse and easy to install

There is a great diversity of solar panels available on the market, ranging from cost-effective solutions to high end systems. Therefore, the chances of finding the solar panels which best work for your space, budget and sun exposure are high. Furthermore, kits with all the necessary items for a fully functional system are sold, so that all you need is to install the system and let it produce power for you. It is a work which requires few tools, little time and minimum effort.

Solar panels are probably the most versatile power suppliers ever invented. They give clean energy, just like the wind turbines, but are much easier to place and install; they are reduced in size, just like generators, but they do not make noise or produce harmful gases and they can be used in remote areas as well as in city centers. Concerns about their effectiveness and sunlight exposure are still valid, but the producing companies are constantly working on these aspects so that everyone can enjoy clean, eco-friendly energy each time the sun rises.

Different Ways To Conserve Energy

It is great that more and more people than ever before are learning that energy conservation is important, that recycling matters, and that caring for our planet is one of the most important things that we can do in this lifetime. That said, there are many little tricks that you can use in order to pack even more energy savings and conservation into your day to day life, without exerting much effort at all! Here are a few of my top ideas.

Fan Circulation – this is something I never knew until recently, and it was quite the revelation. If you have a ceiling fan, you should set it to run counter-clockwise in the summer, and clockwise in the winter. In the summer you want the fan to push air to cool the room, in the winter you want the fan to distribute the heat.

Wash Laundry With Cold Water – I usually do this for my regular clothes, although I still wash towels and other things that might have more “germs” in hot water. You don’t need to wash all your clothes in hot water.

Don’t Leave Your Computer On All The Time – I used to leave my computer on all the time because the darn thing would take so long to start up. I also have friends that do this. Rather than leave it running all the time, turn it off when you leave. Run maintenance software to clear spyware and get rid of junk files and software that is probably bogging down your computer and causing it to boot slower. Your PC uses a lot of electricity, so running it when you’re not using it is a big drain. Turning it off will also save you money on your electrical bill. Also, laptop computers use less energy than larger desktop computers.

Consider Solar – get an estimate for solar panels installed in your home, and see how much you could end up saving. It’s a booming business and growing trend, and you’ll feel so much better about contributing to non-polluting measures of gathering energy.

Don’t Flush That Toilet – Here in California we are in the midst of a drought. I have taken to not flushing my toilet unless it’s solid waste. I can usually get two liquid waste uses before it might be necessary to flush. Some people may not like this idea, but simply close the lid. Another alternative would be to get a water saving toilet that does not use as much – or even a dual purpose toilet with water and solid waste flush settings.

Turn Off Hot Water Heater When You’re Gone – it’s not necessary to keep reheating your hot water tank if you’re going to be gone for several days. Turning this off is easy and will save energy.

Avoid Those Standby Modes – use a power strip to plug in appliances, and then turn off the strip when they are not in use. Many electronics will still run in “standby” mode when you turn them off, and still suck energy.

Staying In Shape as a Solar Panel Installer: Importance and Information

Solar energy has become a popular alternative to fossil fuels for providing electricity for homes and offices. This form of green energy is a great way to help keep pollution out of our atmosphere, plus it has paved the wave for more jobs for solar panel installers.

What do solar panel installers do?

Solar panel installers are the workers who assemble, put together, and maintain the solar panel systems that are installed onto roofs and other places. They are required to do quite a bit of physical labor, so it’s vital for them to be in shape so that they can do their job safely and efficiently. As a result, it’s imperative that solar panel installers take notice of their diet and fitness regimen. They need to make sure that they are on top of their diet, workout plan and rely on supplements (see suggestions here) where they can due to the fact they are in the field long hours of the day.

These hard working installers are required to do many procedures that require strength and agility such as connecting the solar panels to the power grid, installing the actual solar panels, applying weather stripping around the panels to protect them from the elements, etc. This means they will be using a variety of heavy tools that they must be able to use while walking on the roof of the client’s home.

They may have to do wiring, connect solar arrays, make sure the solar panels are firmly attached to the roof, etc. This means that they run the risk of possible falls from the roof, as well as injuring their backs by twisting around during these installations. They must be limber and agile enough to walk with confidence on the roofs, lift and position heavy panels, haul heavy gear and materials, etc.

Solar Panel Work Requires Strength, Endurance

Solar panel installers must maintain good physical condition because their jobs require a good amount of physical strength and endurance. Plus they must sometimes work in the elements like extreme heat or cold. They may have to do manual labor like cutting holes in roofs, mounting the supports, lifting the heavy panels, etc. If they are not in good physical shape, then they could run the risk of injuring themselves during their duties.

This means that it is a good idea for anyone working in solar panel installations to maintain a good exercise program with basic aerobic exercises at least a half hour three times a week. Plus, they should also maintain a nutritional diet and not eat a lot of junk foods or drink a lot of alcohol, as this is very dangerous when working on roofs and when working with electrical components. Take energy boosting supplements in moderation instead in order to keep yourself keen on the task at hand. It’s easy to get in the needed amount of exercises by doing something like joining in an exercise class at your local YMCA or other community center. Or, you can set up a place in your home to do exercises to an instructional DVD if you don’t want to do it outside the home.

The bottom line is that solar power is becoming an important source of energy in our homes and businesses and is likely to be more important in the future. That is why all solar panel installers must stay in good shape so that they can complete their duties efficiently and safely.

Go Green and Make Some Green

In today’s world, going green is a popular topic, of course some people for recycling and green living; while other feel that it would be to much extra work involved.

Here we are going to look how easy it is to recycle, what all you could recycle, and the best part; make money doing!

I don’t know about you, but any time any can make an extra buck off anything, I get excited. Especially off something that some would consider “trash”.

What Can You Recycle

Plastic, metals, paper items, and glass are all acceptable items according to the State Department of PA. if you live in a suburb, you neighborhood might have service through the city where they will pick these items up from your house or you could look for a local recycling facility.

How Do You Make Money

Probably the best of the article here, right?


Depending on what state you live in, when you buy plastic water bottles or coke bottles, you might be charged a surcharge fee of $0.10 for each bottle. The fee is refundable, but you have to recycle the empty bottles when you are done with them.

This might not sound like much, but it could easily be an extra $ 200 or more a year.

Scrap Metal

This is where the money is. There are many different types and scrap metal price varies for each.

There are two different classifications, non-ferrous which is any metal that does not contain steel or iron, and ferrous metals.

Here is the list of all scrap metals:

• Steel
• Iron
• Copper
• Aluminum
• Lead
• Nickel
• Zinc

Usually copper and aluminum are some the top earners when it comes to scrap. This why you see a lot of people saving their coke and beer cans, so they can scrap the aluminum. One average trash bag of aluminum cans, will on bring a dollar or two, which adds up, but if you can get heavier pieces of aluminum or large amounts of cans you can make some money.

Copper is usually found in old electrical wire and is a target for criminals. Yes, criminals will still copper wiring off construction job sites; so they can scrap the wire. It is not recommended to steal any metal for scrap, but if you have some laying around your house scrap and get the money.

Some higher scale neighbor hoods place their trash and old appliances on the curb or at the community trash lot. You could find the neighborhoods in your area and haul off people’s unwanted scrap and turn it into cash. Some people will even pay you to haul off their junk.

At the end of the day, we have to remember that we only have 1 Earth and there are many ways we can all contribute to make it a Greener environment by recycling the acceptable items. Some of those items might even put a little money back into our pockets for us.

The Re-emergence of Solar Vehicles

solarvehicleGarbage is piling up each and every day so it is important to be aware of all the different ways that you can create an environment that supports sustainable living. A planet where sustainable living options are not available will ultimately lead to a loss of valuable resources for future generations.

It is common practice in this day of age for people to drive their cars everywhere they go. Normally this means filling up a tank of gas and polluting the air with carbon monoxide as you drive to your destinations. With the emergence of new technology, solar powered cars are taking sustainable living options to your every day household.

Solar powered cars were once a thing of the imagination. Although prototypes were built, the idea of a car driving on only the energy from the sun was still something in the distance. Early versions were only capable of going at very slow speeds and were far from useful when it came to driving in the normal traffic zones. No one wanted to be driving these early vehicles because they posed safety risks to the driver as well as others on the road. Furthermore these cars were only capable of handling a low maximum weight limit. Now, the fantasy of having a more normal car capable or running on solar energy has begun taking steps into reality.

Car manufacturers like Tesla have stepped into the game and showed just how successful electric cars can be. With many of these electric cars now hitting the streets, the OEMs are back at it again, trying to up one another in the race to build the best electric car on the market. Ford is taking it to the next level with it’s solar powered regenerating car. This car is still in it’s beginning forms but it claims to be an electric car that can literally recharge itself by harnessing the power of the sun. This means no more trips to the gas station and also fewer stops to look for an outlet to charge your battery.

Many people have been wondering whether or not this will look and feel like a real car, and the fact of the matter is that “yes, it will be as real and natural as any car that you see driving on the road”. With great handle, great features, and a good amount of trunk storage space, you’ll be able to drive comfortably while filling up your trunk with family accessories that you may need for a long trip. If you’ve got a big family with a set of twins, you can even store a stroller in the back of the trunk with ease.

So as you can see, this new model can be quite enticing to even your average family. The ability to save on gas and to live off of sustainable energy gives those that are environmentally friendly a chance to help in the fight for a better and healthier planet.

Overall the idea that everyone will one day be driving on sustainable energy may be nearer in the future than we think. It’s a concept that’s lingered on in the minds of many environmentalists and it’s a blessing to see it finally come into fruition.

Using Health to Stay Green

You guys know me. I’m a solar panel expert. So, most of the time on this blog, we talk about new and awesome technology that’s making the world greener. Or we talk about ethics. Or we talk about the history of environmental change and what we can do to improve it.

But you know what we don’t talk about much? Personal health! And it’s kind of weird. Very few people in this community talk about how personal health choices affect the environment. Why is it weird? Because your personal healthy choices are one of the biggest parts of your personal carbon footprint. So, by making better choices about your nutrition and exercise routines you can be much, much greener, and that’s what we’re all passionate about, right?

So, what are some of the ways being healthy helps to reduce your carbon footprint? Let’s find out!

  • Cuts down on health care costs. Anyone who’s researched it just a little bit knows that the healthcare industry is one of the biggest contributors to negative climate change. It’s just ridiculous, really. Hospitals and pharmaceutical companies use tons of resource, create tons of waste and produce millions of metric tons of chemical byproducts annually. The less you go to the hospital, the more you’re helping the planet.
  • Increases the use of green transportation. So, if you’re fit and healthy and making a conscious effort to help the planet, you’re just much more likely to ride a bike than take a bus (at least we hope so!). Running or biking to get to where you need to go creates much less pollution and significantly cuts down on your carbon footprint.
  • Nutritious eating reduces your dependence on non-green industries. We all know that the beef industry is incredibly non-green, but you may not know that many other farming industries are as well. By opting for whole, local, organic foods, you’re making a big impact.

Those are just a few ways being healthy helps you stay green, so how do you do it? Here are a few simple tips to get you started.

  • Pick up a new sport. Picking up a new sport is a great way to improve your health because it’s so fun, which means it’ll be more likely that you’ll stick with it. Just remember, the goal is to not hurt yourself! So make sure you get proper shoes. This is especially true if you’re doing something like climbing or cross-training, which requires specialized shoes. Having the right equipment is always important, but shoes are worth some extra attention.
  • Eat vegan. On the nutrition front, vegan is the easiest way to go if you’re not sure about all the research (or if you just don’t want to sift through it all). You can also find a good local, organic farm to buy produce from. If you do find one, buying organic, free-range meat is cool, too. But, if you’re just getting started, generally, going vegan will have the biggest impact fastest.

Obviously, this isn’t an exhaustive guide, but it should be enough to get you started. So have at it, and let us know how it goes! We love hearing from you guys!

Sustainable Farming

One of the biggest challenges of building sustainable life and agriculture is meat production. The reason meat is so important is because of the protein needs of people. Unfortunately, when you see how much space grass fed cows and other animals require to live fulfilling lives, it’s difficult to have enough room for animals. However, if there were other ways to get protein, this would be less of an issue.

Creative ways to get protein

For a few decades now, scientists have figured out how to isolate and extract almost pure protein from different sources that are more available than meat like milk or eggs. Protein powder supplements can provide mass amounts of protein, but when you look at the amount of resources required to create it, it is much less than the protein from regular meat sources.

Ideally you should supplement food for food, so the best solution is to substitute that steak or beef for a protein bar. A protein bar has a wide variety of nutrients and a heaping amount of protein that isn’t derived from meat. You can either buy protein bars, which is really convenient, but somewhat expensive, or you can try making your own. Here are some of the healthiest protein bars on the market, enjoy!

Alternatives to protein

The other question is whether or not people could get by without as much protein. It turns out that there is one substance that might be appropriate for this, which is creatine monohydrate.

The way creatine works is that the muscles absorb and store it, and then the muscles use it for energy. Creatine mainly comes from meat sources, but there are now supplements you can buy that are purely made of creatine. Since protein supplements alone don’t have creatine, it’s important to also supplement with creatine if you want to be full of energy. It turns out that when you have enough creatine, the amount of protein that is converted to carbohydrate for energy goes down, which means you will need to intake less protein. Learn more about the background of creatine here.

Finally, yet another alternative to standard animal protein sources are vegetable sources. The main concern is that there are not many vegetable protein sources that are complete sources of protein. What this means is that most vegetables are lacking at least one of the main amino acids that people need to get from food (the body can make the rest); these are called essential amino acids. The solution for this problem is to eat a wide variety of vegetable protein sources, which should compensate for any major deficiencies. If you try really hard with this strategy you can reduce your dependency on meat over 50%, or even more if you are really committed.

The bottom line is that meat sustainability is a huge deal right now and we are approaching a very important time in how we approach protein in the diet. There are several different options instead of eating red meat that you should consider in order to reduce your red meat footprint.

The Most Important Tools for Sustainable Living

toolsIf you plan on living sustainably, there are some tools that you’ll need. Most people who live such a lifestyle do much of their own building and repairing of everything from their home to their car, and everything in between. For instance, if you want to put up solar panels on top of your home, you’ll need some tools for the installation. That is why I decided to write this article covering some of the basic tools needed for living sustainably.

The Most Important Tools for Living Sustainably


A hammer is a very useful tool in homes. It is used to drive nails in and out of the wood, metals and on walls. It is a tool that one can not without considering the many repairs that one would want to make on fences and in other areas. It is a tool that performs very fundamental tasks necessary in life.


This is another tool that is very essential in life. It helps in maneuvering and gripping small objects such as bolts. It the fixture of various items such as in electric wires it is very important to have the pliers to perform the task effectively. Pliers as well are largely used in the cutting of wires and therefore they have a wide variety of important uses.

A Pocket Knife

One of the most used tools in the entire world is the pocket knife. It is a tool that can replace many other cutting tools since it is multipurpose. It is mostly used in the kitchen in cutting and slicing. Kitchen tasks can be incomplete without the knife. In other areas, a knife can be used for example, if pliers are not available, a knife can be used in cutting of wires. This means a knife has many uses even the sharpening of stationery such as the pencil if the sharpener is not available.
If you don’t already have a pocket knife, here is an excellent article on selecting one:

Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is another important tool. It is used to measure length and therefore helps one to be able to measure lengths in different areas. For example, a measuring tape may be very useful in measuring the size of a cloth, depth of a hole, the length of a wall among other lengths. It is very useful to determine the lengths that one needs to use for particular purposes. Measurements are very necessary and therefore important tools such as the measuring tools should be put to use.

If you are planning on doing any sort of renovating to live more sustainably, then those tools are the bare essentials that you will need. There are many projects that you can complete with these tools that would help with your sustainability efforts. Here are some ideas:

Install Solar Panels
Set Up Rain Catchers
DIY Care Maintenance
Install Vegetable Oil Kit Into Truck
Build Solar Water Heater
Install More Insulation in Home
Install Solar Heater
Replace Appliances With More Efficient Alternatives

Those are just a few ideas for you to run with, but know that there are literally hundreds of potential projects for you to tackle along your journey.

How solar power helped my family get new jobs

solarIn general I like to keep this blog broadly related to topics such as solar panels and sustainable living but I’ve just had news that two members of my family have got new jobs and I’m so proud of them that I just couldn’t resist writing a post about it. I think that renewable energy has played a part in their new found success, but I guess you could suggest that the link is a little tenuous – I’ll let you decide!

New solar panels installed

The story all begins with my big sister choosing to get solar panels installed on her house, now my sister doesn’t live in the same country as me so I wasn’t able to to help with install directly, but I was able to give her some advice as she went through process. When the panels were installed both my sister and her eldest child were jobless, a few short months after the panels went in they’re both gainfully employed in brand new jobs

So are there new jobs linked to the solar panels

Well no, not really but the internet played a huge part in them getting their jobs, and what was powering the internet as they went about their job searches – their new solar panels!

My sister the technophobe

My sister was brought up in an age when the internet wasn’t a big thing and since she lost her last job a few years ago she’s been really resistant to getting involved in new technology. I kept telling her to give it a try and what a big difference this blog has made to my life and business but she just wasn’t having any of it. Then a few months ago she settled on a career that she was really keen on, she wanted to be a teaching assistant. In the end I think it was the fact that she was so keen to get started in her new career that made her realize that she had to start using the internet or she was going to have to wait much longer for her dream job to come up. Whatever it was that finally got her going, I got an email from her a few months ago telling me she’d found the exact information she was looking for out there in cyberspace and it had been a massive help to her, she must have been really psyched as she’d never even sent me an email before! After that she’s just being going from strength to strength and I got an email this morning telling me she starting a new job next month! Well done sis I’m so proud of you!

My canny nephew also uses the internet/renewable energy to get a job!

My nephew is a bit more tech savvy than his Mum, he’s always been into computing as a hobby but has always done arty stuff at school. Since getting a history degree last year he’s really struggled to find a job, but for the last few months he’s been solving people’s computer problems on an internet site that lets programmers help each other to solve problems. The really cool thing about the site my nephew used is that it keeps track of all the problems he’s solved and also allows him to post an online CV showing all the good work he’d done helping people on the site. Well, a few weeks after he posted his CV a job offer came his way – he took the job and he’s loving it. What a self starter – I’m so proud!

Obviously, my sister and nephew did a look of work to get their new jobs, but what helped them along the way? Those new solar panels! So it’s a massive and well done from me to all concerned.